Eyes are an important, if not the most important factor in creating a life like model of a human head. A full day was set aside for investigating the best methods for creating them. This YouTube video below is one of three excellent tutorials with clear visuals,  clear audio and easy to follow methodology for creating a human eye.

Fig.1. One of several iris textures available on seekanddestroygame.com.

All the textures used for making the eye where found on the corresponding website http://www.seekanddestroygames.com/goodies. along with a couple of custom brushes for PhotoShop (PS). For example; vein brush, which produces a good variety of vein structures.

Fig.2. Sclera from a real human eye.

Fig.3. Finished texture completed in PS.

Fig.4. Eye rendered in mental ray.

The above eye has had a Morpher modifier added so it can dilate. This is controlled by  manipulators for ease of use. Dilation may be shown in the final video of the renders.

Fig.5. Iris dilated.

Fig.6. Iris open.




Figures 7,8 and 9 are the first renders with the eyes  and mr Daylight added.

This is as far as it goes with mental ray for the time. Rendering with Vray and Scanline will follow in the next blog